not another blog...

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Blogs are everywhere these days. It seems like they're slowly - and by slowly I mean quickly - infesting every last corner of the internet. So why are blogs so popular? (And how many corners does the internet have, anyway? What would you call that shape?) I'm sure there are about a zillion answers out there if you cared to look, speculated into existence by people who make it their business to come up with random speculation and get you to believe it. Mostly bloggers (look, now I'm blogging about blogs about blogs! It's (meta)2!)

I'm now going to inform you why blogs are so popular by ignoring all that random speculation and coming up with my own random speculation. This is precisely what happens with blogging: everybody writes, nobody reads. Blogging allows a person with nothing more than a computer and an opinion (sometimes optional) to spout rhetoric for the world to hear, while remaining completely insulated from the fact that in all probability, nobody cares. It's like the law of supply and demand: with such a glut of communication, the vast majority of blogs become pretty much valueless to all except the people writing them. So actually, most blogs exist more so that their authors can please themselves than for any other purpose.

Well duh... if I just wanted to spew information and pretend to have an audience, I could have sold out with Wordpress. At least this is better than FIRST P0ST!!!!!1!!