ellipsix informatics
Number Product Status Title
258 website NEW IOError: Unsupported XML-RPC protocol
226 textwriter NEW TextWriter forgets added fonts when restarted
210 modulo RESOLVED Unhandled Fault in linkback code
206 website RESOLVED Upload ID is interpreted as individual characters
189 modulo NEW ImportError: No module named neo_cs
188 website RESOLVED ValueSelector in upload doesn't recognize id field
186 modulo NEW Pages don't load when subtransaction rollback is in progress
178 modulo NEW Statics doesn't apply inside WerkzeugMapFilter
174 modulo CLOSED Proxy requests may be getting through
173 website NEW TextWriter images not loaded via AJAX in MSIE
171 website NEW Leading zeros on dates
167 website RESOLVED Blog post listings by tag include all posts
165 modulo RESOLVED ResponseNotReady exception in linkback autodiscovery
160 website NEW Layout looks bad on low-resolution browser
159 textwriter RESOLVED Add Celtic fonts to Textwriter
155 modulo RESOLVED Unable to import LargeBinary from SQLAlchemy <0.6
154 website NEW Provide visual indicators of draft post status
153 modulo IN PROGRESS Attachments for blog posts and bug reports
151 website RESOLVED RSS/Atom feeds for blog etc.
150 website NEW Need to reject bug reports without a product
148 website RESOLVED Unauthenticated users can resolve/unresolve bugs
146 website RESOLVED Home page shows up blank sometimes
26 modulo RESOLVED pquery not getting removed from parameter list
25 website RESOLVED template duplication between index and blog index
24 modulo RESOLVED syncdb erases database data
23 modulo RESOLVED UndefinedError on display of anonymous comments
22 modulo NEW enable OpenID authentication
21 modulo NEW prevent multiple linkbacks
20 website NEW profile pages
19 modulo RESOLVED DECLINED status for bugs
18 website NEW fixed-position comment form
17 website NEW move trackback URI link
16 website RESOLVED wrong time format shown on blog posts
15 modulo RESOLVED IN PROGRESS status for bugs
14 modulo RESOLVED support bug priority
13 modulo RESOLVED make comment subject optional
12 website RESOLVED links to other standard pages
11 website NEW contact form
10 website RESOLVED border around posttext divs
9 website RESOLVED make Markdown radio button selected by default
8 website RESOLVED remove "New Post" button from multipost listings
7 website RESOLVED blog comments
6 textwriter RESOLVED Python/Modulo frontend for TextWriter
5 website NEW TextWriter project pages
4 website NEW Spectrata project pages
3 website NEW Modulo project pages
2 website RESOLVED copyright text hard to read