Modulo is a framework for writing dynamic websites that grew out of some work I did with a few classmates back in 2008. It builds on the “UNIX shell philosophy” of creating small pieces (“modules”) each of which handles a small task, and providing an easy way to connect those pieces together for complex jobs. This is well suited for building apps that have to combine different data sources, such as database content, shell script output, a JSON API, and so on.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep up development of the code for long, so the project is currently inactive. The latest release is Modulo 0.1.4a, dated July 23, 2011. It’s fairly primitive and inefficient; nonetheless, this very site was a Modulo webapp for seven years! So at some basic level, it works.

The project has a GitHub repository, which you can look at to see its development.

git clone git://

Use it if you like, but at your own risk! If you’re interested in getting the project running again, feel free to get in touch.

Some miminal documentation for Modulo is available in the form of a short tutorial.