Site Licensing

Most of the Ellipsix website is made available under one of two Creative Commons licenses, as described below. The motivation behind this licensing scheme is that most of the website content is intended as reference material, and the normal copyright law would put rather silly restrictions on people's ability to use and share that content; at the same time, it's only fair to give credit where credit is due, which also means that the Ellipsix site gets a bit of free publicity in return for each use of its material. However, the same web pages that present this reference content also include some elements that are integral to the online image of Ellipsix Informatics, which need to be more tightly controlled so that they don't present an inaccurate impression of the site.

Creative Commons Licensing

Creative Commons LicenseThe license information in the following paragraphs applies only to the text, images, styles, and other elements of web pages which contain the Creative Commons logo or a similar mark identifying them as subject to a Creative Commons license and linking to this page for license information. Any other content on the Ellipsix website is subject to the license terms identified within it. In the absence of an explicit statement identifying the license terms, the content is ©2004-${currentyear} Ellipsix Informatics, all rights reserved.

Primary Content License: The main body of content and the overall style of an Ellipsix web page is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License, which allows copying and modification provided that any verbatim copies or derivative works are properly attributed to the copyright holder and licensed under a compatible Creative Commons license.

Thematic Content License: Any content which contains the phrase "Ellipsix Informatics" (or "Ellipsix Programming"), except as part of the text of an Ellipsix web page or as part of an attribution notice, or which contains one of the logos associated with Ellipsix Informatics:

is subject to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License, which allows exact copying provided that any copies are properly attributed to the copyright holder, not used for commercial purposes, and licensed under a compatible Creative Commons license.


Proper attribution for a copy or derivative work of all or part of an Ellipsix web page entails a legible textual notice, embedded within the work or presented in conjunction with the work, indicating that the work was copied or derived from (as appropriate) the Ellipsix Informatics website. The notice must, at a minimum, include one of the following:


Linking to a page of the Ellipsix website does not in and of itself constitute a copy or derivative work of that page. No grant of permission is required to link to any web page within the domains,, or any others covered by this license.

Other Licensing Terms

To request the use of copyrighted content owned by Ellipsix Informatics under terms other than those given on this page, send an email to