Midweek report: parallel sessions

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We are now in the middle of DIS 2012, the part known as the parallel sessions because, well, they are in parallel. Specifically, at any given time during the conference there will be 5-7 presentations going on in different rooms. With four sessions per day and three or four 20-minute talks per session, that means there have probably been almost 200 physics presentations given in this one building in just the past two days!

With that breadth of material, I can’t hope to cover them all — in fact, I haven’t even been able to properly “digest” just the ones I’ve been to! Unfortunately there are no particularly attention-grabbing talks like major experimental results, so nothing necessarily stands out of the pack; instead, here’s a somewhat arbitrary selection of some of the interesting presentation titles. If you are interested in this sort of thing, feel free to follow the links and read them; if not, make it into a drinking game or something.

I’m sure I’ll be posting thoughts on some of the interesting presentations over the coming days.