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All the rest of this week I’ll be bringing you updates from the Science Online Together conference in beautiful (or at least not snowy) Raleigh. If you haven’t heard of it, Science Online Together is an annual conference that brings together all sorts of people involved in promoting and performing science on the internet: bloggers, journalists, creators of educational videos, online course instructors, science popularizers, public relations specialists, and researchers, ranging from grad students to tenured professors. I’m here in my capacity as a blogger, as a moderator of Physics Stack Exchange, and as a contributor to reddit’s /r/askscience.

Given the name of the conference, it probably comes as no surprise that it has a significant online presence, even for people who aren’t going to be attending. Each day begins with a CONVERGE session: this is like a plenary session in a normal conference, with a speaker addressing all the conference attendees in one room. You can actually watch these sessions live through the Science Online website, and follow along with that part of the conference from the comfort of your home.

The rest of the time is filled with discussion sessions, Q&A sessions, and workshops. I’m sure a number of people will be live-tweeting the whole thing under the #scio14 and #sciox hashtags, and under individual hashtags for each session, which you can find on the forum. (And yes, I’ll be contributing to this, but probably not enough to really qualify as live-tweeting.) Fair warning: there will be a lot of tweets. That tends to happen when you put 450 tech-savvy science communication enthusiasts together in the same building.

I feel bad for the wifi :-)

With that, I need to get to sleep and prepare for a full day of conferencing tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates!