A look back at 2015

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Well, that’s it.

A whole year of me promising to write more blog posts has come and gone, and it hasn’t happened.

In the spirit of not making excuses, I’m not going to get into why I haven’t kept the blog updated this year (well, okay, a little: postdoc work and studying Chinese kept me busy, and some personal issues wrecked my motivation), but let me resolve that I’m going to pick up the pace in 2016. There will be a lot of interesting physics developments to write about! I still have an explanation of the months-old pentaquark paper on my to-do list, and there’s a mysterious bump in the latest LHC data that could be nothing, but is attracting everyone’s attention nonetheless. And that’s not even including the updates about life in China.

So here’s to 2016 being a year of rebuilding, off- and online.

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