arXiv Fool's!

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About a year ago, I posted a list of arXiv joke papers as an answer on Academia Stack Exchange. At the time, I was just going for a de facto “proof” that it’s okay to upload joke papers — after all, there have been so many of them, and some have been so famous, that if the arXiv moderators thought this was a problem they surely would have done something about it. (Which they haven’t.) But after the answer kind of exploded in popularity, I realized that (as far as I know) nobody else has bothered to list all these papers. So I’ve been keeping it updated each year.

Starting this year, I’m going to mirror the list here on my site. If you know of anything I should add, let me know!

And I’d be remiss not to mention this year’s entry, “Sitnikov in Westeros: How Celestial Mechanics finally explains why winter is coming in Game of Thrones”. This paper actually does have a real scientific explanation for the bizarre patterns of seasons in Game of Thrones.

A Sitnikov system
A Sitnikov system