Christmas Song of the Day 2020: part 7

Christmas Song of the Day: First Snow by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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I’ve chosen today’s Christmas song from the repertoire of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, who — along with several other artists on this list — are enshrined in the pantheon of Christmas music for their trilogy of holiday albums and the live shows created from them. First Snow comes from the first of the trilogy, Christmas Eve and Other Stories. Like most of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s holiday music, it’s an entirely original composition, and this one is rock ‘n roll to its core, standing in stark contrast to the typical traditional carols. Even so, the song really captures the excitement of a snowfall. Heavy snow was one of my favorite things about growing up in upstate New York, not only because it makes the whole outdoor world look fresh and unspoiled, but also there’s nothing that compares to the feeling of waking up and finding out that school is closed so you get to sleep in. When I listen to this piece, you can bet that’s what I’m thinking of.