Christmas Song of the Day 2020: part 19

Up On The Housetop by Pentatonix

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Normally I’m not a fan of a capella, but Pentatonix is doing something kind of special here. They’re incredibly good at making their voices sound like, well, not voices, and they’re so precise they sync up as well as the best instrumental groups. It’s hard to believe that this is only people singing.

Their upbeat rendition of Up On The Housetop is one of my favorite arrangements of this tune. When I first heard it, this track almost singlehandedly impressed me so much that I bought three of their albums (which I’m not sure was a worth it in retrospect, but I digress). It’s mostly true to the original melody and lyrics, but they give it an edge with off-key transitions between verses. The whole song comes together really well and I definitely recommend it.

You can now get the entire series of songs as a Spotify playlist.