1. 2013

    Science comics

    When I teach classes, sometimes I like to show a comic at the beginning to lighten the mood a bit, or perhaps keep people from falling asleep quite so easily. So I’ve been accumulating this list of science-themed comics for a few years now.

    Newtonian mechanics

    • XKCD 123: Bond and centrifugal force
    • XKCD 135: velociraptor exam
    • XKCD 162: angular momentum slowing the planet
    • XKCD 226: weightlessness on a swing set
    • XKCD 228: resonance in the workplace
    • XKCD 332: gyroscopes are weird
    • XKCD 353: antigravity in Python
    • XKCD 594: period/frequency, and the uterus-hertz
    • XKCD 613: physicists not solving the three-body problem
    • XKCD 669: frictionless vacuums
    • XKCD 755: hitting psychology students with pendulums, interdisciplinary studies
    • XKCD 1001: centrifugal force in a bed
    • XKCD 1175: relative motion on moving sidewalks
    • Abstruse Goose 95: force and The Force
    • The mysteriously missing Abstruse Goose 318: projectile motion and rotations (I challenge you to find this one yourself)