Maybe this blogging thing isn't working so well after all

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I haven’t posted anything in a month. Not that it matters, since nobody really reads this, but in case you’re looking back at my archives from 5 years in the future and wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a month… I’ve been busy. Writing long involved posts takes more time than I have in the middle of a busy semester of grad school.

What I’ve actually noticed is that I tend to make Facebook status updates frequently. Or, well, at least there are little snippets of things that would work well as Facebook status updates, but I wind up not posting them because they’re boring, and besides, that’s what Twitter is for. Maybe I should have joined Twitter. Hmm… now what if I had my own Twitter? Well, hopefully at some point soon I will. I’m rewriting my website yet again, and this time I’m making a few key improvements: (1) it works (2) it looks better (3) no outdated content (4) probably microblogging, and it should — no, will, because I’ve done it and I know that it works — be easier to add more cool features in the future.