1. 2011

    Hooray, done with comps!

    I suppose I should have posted this last Friday… but whatever, I was being lazy. Anyway, in light of the fact that a few people actually do read this blog, I figured an update is in order: I’m done with my comprehensive exam, but I still have some things keeping me busy until the end of the semester next week. But never fear, I will return to posting stuff soon, including perhaps catching up on the latest season of Mythbusters.

  2. 2010

    RSS Graffiti

    I decided it’s about time to start syncing the posts I make here with Facebook to get some exposure for this site. Not because I think anyone will really care about my content, but everyone else seems to be doing it. I guess it puts pressure on me to write more interesting stuff, that’s probably good.

    Anyway, to test out the system and also as sort of an unsolicited “kickback” to what seems like it might be a good program, I wanted to mention RSS Graffiti. I picked up on it from a mention on the Webapps Stack Exchange site. Basically it’s an RSS/Atom feed aggregator: you configure it with the URLs of any number of feeds, and specify which ones should show up on your profile and the profiles of any groups, events, or pages you administer. The app checks periodically for new entries and posts them up to the destinations you specified. Nice and simple, which is actually just what I’ve been looking for in a Facebook RSS aggregator for a while. Here’s hoping it works as well as it looks!

  3. 2010

    Maybe this blogging thing isn't working so well after all

    I haven’t posted anything in a month. Not that it matters, since nobody really reads this, but in case you’re looking back at my archives from 5 years in the future and wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a month… I’ve been busy. Writing long involved posts takes more time than I have in the middle of a busy semester of grad school.

    What I’ve actually noticed is that I tend to make Facebook status updates frequently. Or, well, at least there are little snippets of things that would work well as Facebook status updates, but I wind up not posting them because they’re boring, and besides, that’s what Twitter is for. Maybe I should have joined Twitter. Hmm… now what if I had my own Twitter? Well, hopefully at some point soon I will. I’m rewriting my website yet again, and this time I’m making a few key improvements: (1) it works (2) it looks better (3) no outdated content (4) probably microblogging, and it should — no, will, because I’ve done it and I know that it works — be easier to add more cool features in the future …