Guess the author: a (drinking+physics)/sqrt(2) game

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Big news out of the CTEQ school tonight: we discovered that the various Twitter feeds which announce new arXiv papers only show you the title of the paper, not the author — not until you click on the link, anyway. So here’s a neat way to have fun at parties: someone who has a smartphone (or tablet) with a Twitter app brings up one of the aforementioned feeds, like HEPExperPapers, picks a paper title, and everyone tries to guess who the authors are, or at least which research group or institution is behind it. Anything with \(\sqrt{s} = \unit{7}{\tera\electronvolt}\) doesn’t count. Converting this into a drinking game is easy, you just drink every time you get it wrong. (i.e. every time) Or every time you get it right. (i.e. never) Or just have a beer in hand. I’m sure that’s within the error bars.

Oh, and for the record: one of the people behind this brilliant idea happens to be the chair of a major university’s physics department.