1. 2010

    RSS Graffiti

    I decided it’s about time to start syncing the posts I make here with Facebook to get some exposure for this site. Not because I think anyone will really care about my content, but everyone else seems to be doing it. I guess it puts pressure on me to write more interesting stuff, that’s probably good.

    Anyway, to test out the system and also as sort of an unsolicited “kickback” to what seems like it might be a good program, I wanted to mention RSS Graffiti. I picked up on it from a mention on the Webapps Stack Exchange site. Basically it’s an RSS/Atom feed aggregator: you configure it with the URLs of any number of feeds, and specify which ones should show up on your profile and the profiles of any groups, events, or pages you administer. The app checks periodically for new entries and posts them up to the destinations you specified. Nice and simple, which is actually just what I’ve been looking for in a Facebook RSS aggregator for a while. Here’s hoping it works as well as it looks!