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Wrapping up NaBloWriMo

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If you've been watching my blog, you've noticed that my posting frequency has dropped off tremendously in the past week. That's mostly because I've been scrambling to finish a presentation on my research. It's now over, so in theory I have more time to make blog posts, but still I think it's past time to call National Blog Writing Month officially over.

Let's look back over the past 5 weeks and see how it went. Not counting this one, I managed to get in 25 blog posts, most of which were decidedly nontrivial. For fun, I decided to estimate a word count for each of these posts — now, I can't get an exact count easily because of the formatting, including math and especially pictures, but I can just run p.text_src.split() and it spits out some rough numbers. I want to get a sense of how this compares to the task of actually writing a 50000 word novel:

Total:17518 words. Not exactly a novel. That's okay though, how many NaNoWriMo novels are going to include equations and pretty pictures? Like this histogram of the word counts above (100-count bins up to 3500):

Histogram of word counts

Hmm... what if I try this with all my posts, since the beginning of this blog?

Histogram of all word counts

Looks exponential, maybe? I think one of this month's projects is going to be to figure out what distribution that is. :-)

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